Lower Back Pain

Get Relief and Reclaim Your Life

0794 LaRoss ChiroCare 2019 31 15The back and spine are the main reasons that people seek chiropractic care. Your backbone is the core support of the body. It is the single most important support structure for your entire body. There are many different causes of back pain and spinal misalignment. Some result from injuries sustained in work-related mishaps or car accidents. Some can be due to muscle strain brought on by fatigue and overexertion. Improper heavy lifting is a major cause of work-related injuries to the back. Extreme injuries can result in herniated or bulging discs that may pinch or damaged nerves in the back.

The good news is that most of these conditions can be treated through chiropractic therapy. By realigning and adjusting these bones patients can receive relief from severe and debilitating back pain. After a complete examination, including x-rays if necessary, we can determine whether or not chiropractic adjustment is right for you. Many patients have completely recovered mobility in their back and lower back and live pain-free. In addition to adjustment therapeutic exercises can also increase your chances of preventing re-injury. The process of healing through chiropractic adjustment also educates the patient and how to avoid situations and scenarios that might cause more injury.

0760 LaRoss ChiroCare 2019 14 15Back surgery can have serious and long-term effects on an individual's mobility and can cause more severe issues as the patient grows older. Chiropractic therapy and adjustment have helped many patients recover without surgery. If you're looking to recover from a back injury or chronic back pain please consider chiropractic therapy as an alternative. Living your life in constant pain or dependent upon pain medication can be avoided in most cases.

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